Strange But True TV

( ranked 15th in the 2 – 3PM Eastern timeslot on Saturdays! )

**Ghosts haunting your house? SBT TV will be there!

Bigfoot in your backyard? SBT TV has the cameras!

The head of Elvis in your pancakes? SBT TV pours the syrup!

Abducted by aliens? SBT TV brings the salve!**

Join the traveling TV crew of SBT TV as they face the unknown.
Watch as they reveal the hidden secrets of the universe.

Don’t fall victim to the government controlled news channels or the brain numbing infomercials.

SBT TV brings you the stories YOU want to see!
SBT TV brings you the stories you NEED to see!

See the real truth discovered by our reporters and film crews.

Character Occupations

Brought to you by Call Of Cthulhu and Delta Green

Strange But True TV

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